After having being notified about the ability to use tags in Russian, let's start proposing the translation for the tags. I'll provide the current tags we have and we'll all start to decide the translations so we can set up the synonyms later.

Obviously you can comment in separate answers or using comments.

We'll be using this question also to select the tags and get rid of some duplicates or tags that shouldn't exist.

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This is the list of tags taken from the site. Some Russian tags already existed and those I knew I transferred as translations of existing tags. Help match the remaining ones (end of the list).


  • Don't insert new tags: propose them first separately in another answer, so we can discuss it. Before inserting a translation, propose that in another answer as well, so we keep everything organized.

  • Tags have a maximum of 25 characters, so we cannot have tags longer than that. Read more about tags in the Privileges page.

  • Some tags must be plural, others must stay singular. For example "meaning" makes sense as a singular word, "cases" as a plural one. If you have concerns about this, post here: Tags should be plurals (with some caveats).

Thank you for your cooperation! :D

See the other answer for the created tags.

  • We should also make a final decision on whether we use singular or plural for tags. I believe, we discussed this before and decided that singular is a better option.
    – Aleks G
    Oct 4, 2012 at 10:51
  • @AleksG It depends on the tag. Sometimes it's better to use plural, other times singular. Other languages sites have generally chosen plural, like on EL&U.
    – Alenanno
    Oct 4, 2012 at 10:53
  • @AleksG For example, for tags like "verbs, synonyms, pronouns" I'd say it's better plural. For tags like "meaning, pronunciation, terminology", singular is better. By the way, thank you for the additional translations! :)
    – Alenanno
    Oct 4, 2012 at 10:55
  • @AleksG Where was that decided by the way?
    – Alenanno
    Oct 4, 2012 at 11:12
  • I take my previous comment back. It was "plural" that we decided on. Here's the discussion (or rather the corresponding post).
    – Aleks G
    Oct 4, 2012 at 11:21
  • @AleksG Thanks for the link. I agree with it but it's not "decided"... In any case, I think it works for Russian as well, so we can safely adopt it. :) If you see tags that can be fixed, please do it! :)
    – Alenanno
    Oct 4, 2012 at 11:23
  • I agree with plural for most of the tags. But I think we should consider using singular for lexical categories (глагол,имя-прилагательное). Oct 4, 2012 at 12:23
  • @defaultlocale Other sites use "verbs", "глагол" looks a bit odd, even if the question is about a single verb.
    – Alenanno
    Oct 4, 2012 at 12:44
  • @AleksG I corrected согласныя to согласные. Let's hope that Quassnoi had time to appreciate the joke.
    – Olga
    Oct 13, 2012 at 11:06
  • Alenanno, @Olga I have a question concerning composite (multiple word) tags. In English it's common to use a hypen to connect words, so "word-choice" does not look strange. "Выбор-слова" on the contrary very much does. Shouldn't we rather use an underscore in Russian?
    – texnic
    Nov 9, 2012 at 19:10
  • Alenanno, @Olga: Does it make sense to put a link to this post to FAQ, so that people know where to see a list of approved tags?
    – texnic
    Nov 9, 2012 at 19:11
  • @texnic I don't see the need... Why do you think that would help? Tags change (slowly but they do), so it's not like this list is definitive.
    – Alenanno
    Nov 9, 2012 at 19:30
  • Well, I am not an admin and I do not appear here too often I admit. But I sometimes find information not very easy to find. I'd like to have one place which everyone should be aware of instead of dozens of posts, which are hard to maintain and find.
    – texnic
    Nov 9, 2012 at 19:34
  • @texnic Ok but what I mean is that, no other site does it I think, so maybe it's not needed. I'm not particularly against your proposal, I just don't see a compelling pro-argument. :P Where would you write it and how, for example?
    – Alenanno
    Nov 9, 2012 at 19:42
  • Alenanno, @texnic: If we introduce tag synonyms, they will be appearing as suggestions when one wants to tag a post, wouldn't they? So, one doesn't necessary need to have a look at the list of approved tags to ask a question?
    – Olga
    Nov 9, 2012 at 19:49

Let's have English tags as primary

I propose to consider the English language as the main language of the tags on our site. Let's make Russian synonym tags that redirect to the English ones. I don't want to translate tag wikis, so let's keep the English as well.

My reasons are:

  1. the most of the site is in English, so it would be coherent to have tags in English as well;
  2. the English tags are already there, with wikis. Let's not redo the work.
  • Point 1 does not really subsists. As we have seen on French SE, what matters is localization. Making important Meta questions both in Russian and English will help, etc... Point 2, uhm... well, nobody is forcing you to translate all of the tag wikis or that you should be the only one, you shouldn't feel obliged to do it. Besides, no-one says we need to translate them all at once. Little by little is fine, as with everything else. The tags in Russian will make this site more appealing to Russian speakers and learners, so I say: let's go for it.
    – Alenanno
    Oct 18, 2012 at 15:37
  • @Alenanno ... and the tags in English will make it more appealing for the rest of the world =) I remember that nobody was eager to create wikis for tags in the beginning, I don't think that there will be more people willing to do it once again. And as you can see, people tend to ask questions in English, not in Russian.
    – Olga
    Oct 18, 2012 at 17:09
  • That's now, but we can think in perspective... If everything goes right, more people will ask stuff in Russian too. As you can see, some questions are being asked in Russian already.
    – Alenanno
    Oct 18, 2012 at 18:48

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