This site is about Russian language, and it's appropriate to use Russian tags.

Should I use tags Russian or English for a question?
What is the policy for tagging?

It seems reasonable to use English tags when the question is in English, and vice versa – Russian tags if the question is in Russian. Such tags should be made synonims of each other.

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The current way works that you can write whatever language you want for tags, but once you submit the question, it will change all tags to Russian. See also What should our tags be? What should they be translated to?

This way also learners can enter tags (in English) but the site will have them in Russian. If you wish to change this you can post a on Meta asking for specific changes (just asking "change it" won't work).

Some tags are not "set" yet, we're finishing the job. For example, in your last question you used both phonetics and фонетика. I've mapped the first one to the second one and the English one has disappeared. Now if someone types phonetics, the system will use фонетика.

Hope it helps.

  • That's perfectly fine. I asked this question because I saw phonetics tag but there was no фонетика tag, and I saw questions tagged with the former. So I felt a bit confused. Looking through tag synonyms I can see English tags are mapped to Russian ones. I couldn't create the synonym myself and therefore I decided to use both in the hope someone, you, make them synonyms. Feb 9, 2013 at 10:11
  • I would also add that by convention those few SE.L&U sites I had visited do translate their tags, but for English-speaker it is easy to see what to use, once they are synonymized.
    – theUg
    Feb 10, 2013 at 15:38

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