There are questions which can only be answered by a list of alternatives, e.g. a list of possible translations. For example of such question, see What do people in Russia say about doing some hard tedious work?

Naturally, one user proposes his list of translations, than another user comes and proposes another list, which may partially intersect with the list of the first user, etc. In such situations, I always get htese questions:

  1. Who gave the correct answer?
  2. If the list contains both a very good and a very bad translation, should I upvote or downvote?
  3. If other users are selfless enough, they may consider editing somebody's else answer instead of giving a missing translation as an independent answer. But whose answer to choose? And if they are not selfless at all, we might end up with a lot of one-line answers, which are all more or less correct, but neither is full.

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I think all answers as well as the question should be merged to one community-wiki QA it this case.

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