I don't have enough reputation to propose a tag synonym, but I was wondering, for a lot of tags (e.g. грамматика) it also suggests the English translation.

However, a lot of tags aren't linked/associated with their English translation. For example, "винительный падеж" -- I think this is a useful tag, but it has not been used very often.

I don't know why it hasn't been used very often, but I imagine the fact that it isn't associated with "accusative case", so someone typing "acc" in the Tags bar is not likely to find it, which probably prevents it from being used more often.

This is related, but I believe different to this question -- specifically, I would just like to address the fact that there seem to be tags on this site which learners can not enter in English, and therefore are perhaps as a result used less often than they would be otherwise.


I've created an synonym tag. I guess we should create them for all the rest of the cases.

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