To commemorate the Moscow subway now also making announcements in English, I suggest that we merge all existing Russian-language tags with English synonyms and vice versa.

This is a follow-up to two of my previous meta questions: (1)(2).

The 'accusative' and 'винительный-падеж' tags were already merged thankfully.

However, there are tags corresponding to even more common grammatical terms for which the English and Russian terms are still not tag synonyms. For example:

  • глаголы and verbs (most important one by far, imo)
  • вид and aspect
  • спряжение and the non-existent conjugation tag.
  • множественное-число and non-existent plurals or number tags. (Although number would go better with число, so we could also have singular and единственное-число.)
  • родительный-падеж and non-existent genitive tag.
  • ударение and stress.
  • алфавит and non-existent alphabet tag.
  • история-языка and non-existent language-history or history tags.
  • лингвистика and non-existent linguistics tag.
  • лексикон and non-existent lexicon tag.
  • глаголы-движения and non-existent movement or verbs-of-movement or verbs-of-motion tags.
  • этнонимы and non-existent ethnonyms tag.
  • значение needs to be merged with значения and meaning.
  • словарь and dictionary need to be merged.
  • культура and the non-existent culture.
  • словообразование and the non-existent morphological-derivation.
  • буква-ё and the non-existent yo or e-with-diaresis or something like that.
  • словоупотребление and usage need to be merged.
  • пунктуация and punctuation need to be merged.
  • пословица and non-existent proverbs.
  • транскрипция and perhaps (as of yet non-existent) transcription or the already-in-use transliteration.
  • formality should perhaps be merged with этикет.
  • заимстования and the non-existent borrowings.
  • психолингвистика and the non-existent psycholinguistics.
  • переходность and transitivity need to be merged.
  • quote and the non-existent цитата
  • oblique subject and whatever the translation into Russian is.
  • word-order and non-existent типология-порядка-слов.
  • swearing and non-existent матерна or мат.
  • software and non-existent программное-обеспечение.
  • russian-usage and non-existent русский-язык-в-мире.
  • vocabulary and non-existent словарный-запас.
  • phrase needs to be merged with выражения or with a new (as of yet non-existent) tag фразы.
  • idioms needs to be merged with пословица or a new (as of yet non-existent) tag идиомы.
  • suffixes and the non-existent суффиксы.
  • infinitive and the non-existent инфинитив.
  • other-languages and the non-existent другие-языки.
  • interjection and the non-existent междометие.
  • ukrainian and the non-existent украинский-язык.
  • slang and the non-existent сленг or разговорная-речь or просторечие (source).
  • dative and the non-existent дательный-падеж.
  • slavic and the non-existent славянские языки. (Maybe also ukrainian and украинский-язык should be merged with this as well, or maybe this should be merged with other-languages and другие-языки.)
  • belorussian and the non-existent белорусский-язык.
  • objects and the non-existent дополнения.

These were the only ones I could find, but I am sure that there are more.

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We've created (and merged) most of the proposed tag synonyms.
Right now almost all of the master synonyms are in Russian:

plurals → множественное-число
suffixes → суффиксы

This is a point to discuss.
Please don't hesitate to share your opinion on the synonyms direction.

  • This is a point to discuss. Should the discussion be here or at another (existing/to be created) Meta question?
    – Arsak
    Oct 7, 2018 at 10:39
  • @Marzipanherz Here. But if you have another question, please ask it separately.
    – Dmitry Mod
    Oct 7, 2018 at 11:41

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