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Tag synonym proposal: [буква] --> [буквы]

There are 2 questions tagged with буква (singular), whereas there are 33 questions tagged with буквы (plural). Either the 2 should simply be retagged with an edit, or perhaps the former tag should be ...
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Психолингвистика - tag removal or (at least) strict redifinition request

OK, so let us take a look at following questions: Аутентично ли чередование в сочетании согл. -шка. This question is indeed very bad formulated, so it had been closed. Этимология слова “даже” - This ...
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Request to retag "preposition" to "prepositions"

According to the tagging recommendations, we should use prepositions instead of preposition. However, we cannot add a prepositions tag now. Creating the new tag [prepositions] is not allowed since ...
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