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Syntax should be a synonym of синтаксис

I suggest to add syntax synonym to синтаксис tag. I don't have enough reputation to do that myself.
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Is there a list of bilingual tag synonyms on the site that need to be merged? Can we create one?

To commemorate the Moscow subway now also making announcements in English, I suggest that we merge all existing Russian-language tags with English synonyms and vice versa. This is a follow-up to two ...
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Cyrillic tag may contain wrong link (Favorite tags editor)

When you press on tag in Favorite tags panel it should redirect you to it's page, e.g. , but ...
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Create tag synonyms: synonyms-синонимы

It was brought to my attentions that synonyms and синонимы are not tag synonyms. Can someone with the right permissions please set this up?
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More tag synonyms: [noun] and [существительные], [род] and [gender], [grammar] and [грамматика]

I'm in doubt about tag [noun] - it has only one question associated with it and possibly should be remapped to [nouns]. But I'm sure that [род] and [gender], [grammar] and [грамматика] should be made ...
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Tags Социолингвистика и Sociolinguistics - are not synonyms yet

Both tags are synonyms, but they are not marked as such. Both have 3 questions tagged with one of them. Can someone make them synonyms?
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Shouldn't tags "antonym" and "антоним" be created?

I've been editing a new question on the main site related to antonyms and I wondered why there was no corresponding tag. Although there was one for synonims. I don't have enough reputation to create ...
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3 votes
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There's a redirect loop on some russian tags with synonyms

Some tags have had redirect loops, for example лексикон Some tags do not, for example: предлоги Fix it!
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1 vote
2 answers

Do we want hats?

In 2011, the Gaming Stack Exchange hosted an event called Hat Dash, where users earned "hats" for their gravatars by completing certain tasks (analogous to badges): Certain actions would trigger the ...
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The "[tag:tag-name]" syntax does not work with Russian text

I was trying to use the syntax for writing tags such as tag, but it doesn't work with other input methods, such as Russian: тэг I'm tagging this as a bug since I figure it's not the desired behavior. ...
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10 answers

Russian self-evaluation: let's get critical! [closed]

You love your site and we love your site, but there is a whole world of people out there who might not even know it exists. When they do find it, their first impression will either scare them away or ...
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3 answers

Allow short edits of posts

Right now, if I try to edit a post and my edits are deemed "minor" (fewer than 6 characters), the edit cannot be submitted. I understand this is the case in all SE sites. However specifically in ...
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Why can't I submit a question in Russian?

According to What language(s) should we use for the site? and Question bodies in other languages it seems to have been agreed upon that questions in Russian are OK. However, it seems that the SE ...
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5 votes
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Request to retag "preposition" to "prepositions"

According to the tagging recommendations, we should use prepositions instead of preposition. However, we cannot add a prepositions tag now. Creating the new tag [prepositions] is not allowed since ...
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Comment pings don't work with Cyrillic names, but auto-complete does

I don't get inbox notifications when someone pings me in a comment thread that I'm involved in. Apparently it's still possible to auto-complete my username in such comments. I do get notified when ...
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Tags should be plurals (with a few caveats)

Please allow me to import this post of mine from another SE site: I'll come back and revise it with relevant examples from this site after researching... Hey Russian enthusiasts! I'd just like to ...
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Russian (Cyrillic) tags?

As the site is about Russian language should it allow Russian tag names (that is cyrillic names)? The German SE has tags in German, but do cyrillic letters make things different?
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